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St. Louis Weekend

August 30th, 2012

In early August we were able to meet up with my brother, his wife and their kids for a few days in St. Louis. So we packed up and headed to the city, and it was a blast! Of course, the kiddos always have a blast together. I absolutely love seeing Addison with her cousins. We managed to get in a few yummy meals, swimming at the pool, lots of fun at the Magic House, a walk to the Arch, and a lovely morning at Grant’s Farm. Absolutely perfect!

Driving the wagon at the Magic House.

Biiiig bubbles!

Fun in the water!

It was a hair raising good time! :-)

At the Arch

Cute Cousins!

Lovely morning at Grant's Farm

The best part of Grant's Farm....according to Addie


August 30th, 2012

During the first week of July we had the opportunity to head down to Gatlinburg for a few days, and then spend the rest of the week with Jared’s family in Fairfield Glade, TN. Obviously we were pumped….we love Tennessee!  This is the 3rd trip to Gatlinburg for Addison (4th if you count the time she was in my belly). She totally understood it this time, and remembered our last trip (from November). It was all she would talk about in the weeks leading up to the trip. I loved Gatlinburg before…but having a kid that loves it, makes it even more special.  So here are some shots from our 10-day getaway!

Excited to be shopping at the outlet malls...probably because I told her we were going to the Disney Store!

She picked out a Perry the Platypus during our shopping adventure.

Checking out lots of Nemo's at the aquarium!

She was so excited for the penguin exhibit!

Downtown for a yummy dinner and some bluegrass.

Yummy donuts from the Donut Friar!

4th of July Cutie!

Pool time at the cabin!

Bubble bath in the BIG tub at the cabin!

Last morning at the cabin...we were sad to leave.

We loved it here!

Looking all cool in her shades.

2 little monkeys jumpin' on the bed...

Addison was excited to spend lots of time with her cousins!

I love this girl!

Last day of vacation...ready to head home.

Bits and Pieces of Summer

August 17th, 2012

Oh hey there…I bet you’d thought I forgot about the blog! Ok…summer’s been busy, and we’ve been up to lots of super fun things. Here are a few snippets of early summer with the Smith’s.

Early summer fun with Aubrey and Griffin!

This is what happens when you leave the 2 year olds alone with the 5 year old....

Super cheesy with Griffin!

Summer girl!

Lovin' the pool!

Playing on the slip-n-slide for the first stuff!

Holding hands with her buddy.

Spring Pictures

April 10th, 2012

When I saw the ad that one of the local photography companies here in town was taking pictures with a live bunny this year…I had to jump on it! And boy am I glad I did…the photographers were amazing, the bunny was fantastic, and Addison had an absolute blast!


Photo Fun!

April 10th, 2012

So last week Addison and I were asked to stand in for a few photos for an upcoming Mother’s Day Concert promotional poster. It’s a concert here on campus…and were delighted to help out!  Alas, Addison was not her usual self that day (early stages of a nasty cold) and she was pretty cranky.  Fortunately we caught a few fun shots!

The theme is "A Mother's Love is Unconditional"....(note the uprooted flowers from "my garden")

Even after having a total meltdown moments prior...she's looking pretty cute!

I'd love her even if she really did uproot all of my flowers!

My favorite of the bunch!

The poster...not too shabby!


April 9th, 2012

This year we were both scheduled to help with music at Metro (our church), and were unable to head north to spend the day with family. Though I was bummed that we didn’t get to see everyone, we still had a really great day. We spent the morning in worship at church while Addison partied it up in Adventureland (our Children’s Church program). Such a great service…and we’re so thankful for such an awesome kid’s program. We headed home after church to a lunch that had been simmering in the crockpots all morning. We had brown sugar glazed ham, augratin potatoes, buttery corn, homemade rolls, jello salad and mocha cream pie. It was quite the spread for just the 3 of us…but boy did it hit the spot! Addison enjoyed her Easter basket and then hunting for eggs in our yard. (She hunted eggs in one of my old Easter dresses….hers fell victim to the jello salad at lunch!) We even got a nice long walk in….the weather was simply gorgeous. So thankful for a day with my wonderful little family…as we celebrated and remembered all that our Savior has done for us. We serve a redeeming and wonderful God!

Found one!

She stopped and looked at each egg...admiring the dye jobs from the previous day!

"Momma....there's an egg on my slide!"

Cutie Pie!

Thankful for the joy in life that Jesus gives us!


Easter Fun at Eckert’s!

April 9th, 2012

Just under an hour from our house is a fantastic apple orchard and pumpkin patch. Typically we only head over in the fall months, but this year we got excited to head over when we heard about their yearly Easter festivities. It was so much fun! An Easter egg hunt, baby chicks and bunnies to hold and snuggle, face painting, seeds to plant, an Easter bunny to meet, and special treats along the way! We even grabbed lunch at the country restaurant (part of the orchard) while we were there. Sooo yummy! All in all…a super fun day and something we’ll be excited to do again next year!

Waiting patiently for the egg hunt to start.

And we're off!

Found one!

Her loot for the day....she loved it!

Face Painting!!! (She wasn't sure about it at first....)

"Mommy....Addie has bunny whiskers, too!"

I'm pretty sure she'd love a pet bunny.

"I see the Easter bunny, momma!"

The best picture we have with the Easter bunny...upon further inspection, she decided that he was a little spooky and did NOT want to sit on his lap.

Planting a bean seed...which we were told, is the Easter Bunny's favorite of all the seeds.

Riding tractors!

Ending the day with some sheep...they wouldn't leave her alone!

Pretty Spring Girl

April 9th, 2012

Zoo Fun!

April 9th, 2012

Last weekend we met up with Aunt Kristina, Sydny, Chloe and Chloe’s friend Jackie, at the St. Louis Zoo.  They were down for a few days to wrap up their spring break…and we were excited to join them for the Saturday zoo adventure.  Granted, the weather was perfect for the zoo…which mean EVERYONE in St. Louis was there.  Totally worth it though.  Addison LOVES animals.

Checking out the giraffe's with dadda...possibly her favorite that day.

Playing with ants at the zoo...she was just as excited about them as she was the big animals!

Hanging out with the big girls...she was pretty proud of herself.

Running through the tree-tunnel....wheeee!

Making Cupcakes!

March 27th, 2012

Frosting the cupcakes

Gotta have sprinkles!

Daddy helped, too!